Works of Fiction


Adult fiction

Standalone works of fiction are posted here in reverse chronological order.

At His Whim

September, 2017 Rated: X

A date turns into much, much more as a wolf takes everything from a cat, from words to memories.

A Theory of Attachment

September, 2017 Rated: R

Living with obsessive-compulsive disorder is tough without a support network, so when Sélène's changes, stress runs high.


September, 2017 Rated: R

A chronically neat otter's life is thrown into disarray when she takes a homeless ringtail in from the cold.

Disappearance In submission process

August, 2017 Rated: X

A weasel attempts to escape from her life in Sawtooth to Oregon, but finds her old life still tied to home.

What Remains of Yourself

January, 2017 Rated: X

A cat heads to a party. What's usually a safe and comfortable group of friends is slowly dominated by a dog. A dog with plans.


December, 2016 Rated: X

A couple heads to a BDSM play party where the wife will be the Centerpiece for the whole party to enjoy. With fertility already on the mind, will another mink showing up throw a wrench in things?

More pieces from the same party are forthcoming.

Rum and Coke: Three Short Stories from a Furry Convention

November, 2014 Rated: X

These three pieces explore the lives of three individuals at the same furry convention, focusing on the topics of queer relationships, polyamory, and mental health.

Milkshakes and Foxes

July, 2005 Rated: X

Two foxes share a milkshake, then an intimate moment (the original erotic work).