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Sawtooth is a town of approximately sixty thousand, and home to University of Idaho Sawtooth. The town is serviced by a prompt and organized public transit system. It is proud to host some of Idaho's largest companies as the tech capitol of the state.

Sawtooth stories take place in this shared world. You can read more about it here

Sawtooth Stories

Vignette: Fisher

September, 2018 Rated: G

A fisher walks and hunts for meaning.

You're Gone

January, 2018 Rated: G

A husband grieves the loss of his wife through instant messages.

Vignette: Acts of Intent

December, 2017 Rated: G

A coyote burns meaning into the world around him.

A Theory of Attachment

December, 2017 Rated: R

Living with obsessive-compulsive disorder is tough without a support network, so when Sélène's changes, stress runs high.


September, 2017 Rated: R

A chronically neat otter's life is thrown into disarray when she takes a homeless ringtail in from the cold.


August, 2017 Rated: X

A weasel attempts to escape from her life in Sawtooth to Oregon, but finds her old life still tied to home.

The Fool

May, 2017 Rated: G

A student and a motherly badger explore questions of identity through a tarot reading.

Published in Arcana - A Tarot Anthology.

What Remains of Yourself

January, 2017 Rated: X

A cat heads to a party. What's usually a safe and comfortable group of friends is slowly dominated by a dog. A dog with plans.

Milkshakes and Foxes

October, 2015 Rated: G

Two foxes share a milkshake, much to the chagrin of their server.

Published in the Further Confusion 2016 con book.

Milkshakes and Foxes (Adult version)

July, 2005 Rated: X

Two foxes share a milkshake, then an intimate moment (the original erotic work).


Party is a larger work consisting of a series of stories exploring consent, boundaries, and negotation within kink, as told from the point of view of participants in a BDSM party.

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