Arctic fox's den adorned with flowers and snow — garden in winter.

Works of poetry are posted here in reverse chronological order. All of the poetry is also offered as a collection here.

Ongoing Unimportant verse about important people
Ongoing Collected haiku
2018-10-07 Asertu (eo)
2018-09-28 Numeno (eo)
2018-07-08 Fair and square
2018-07-01 Growth
2018-05-20 Post-op images
2018-05-04 Prima materia
2018-04-01 Somehow, she’s me
2018-01-31 Beneath her coat was a whole identity
2017-08-14 Every time I fall
2017-06-03 Bruise Vision
2017-02-20 Heligoland
2017-02-12 A rose, single, now blooming
2017-02-12 Cycle
2017-02-12 Delay, then, the morn
2017-02-12 Meaning & Self
2017-02-12 Though the flow’r may bloom ere long
2017-02-12 Thy gift
2017-02-12 You find me at a disadvantage
2016-05-04 There is too much fire in me
2016-11-14 When I fall, I will remain whole
2015-10-14 Being Transgender
2015-03-06 The Dogs Assure Me
2004-05-04 High School Poetry Notebook