Some discussion on a DC character’s apparent admission to…something like some sort of non-normative gender/sex. It’s hard to tell, as the story takes place in the time of Camelot, really. I’ll at least give it to the creators for keeping that part sort of authentic (I know, I know, comics…but still, sometimes the little anachronisms are the ones that stick in the craw).

However, I’m not quite sure what to think of this, over all.

The article mentions intersex a few times, though I’m not sure I gather the same thing from the quotes provided. The writer states that it’s up to the readers to interpret how they wish, which I appreciate, but then goes on to say that the character came out as transgender. This, following the Green Lantern Coming Out thing back in June feels a little as though DC, upon hearing that their comics were not diverse enough, is going down some internal checklist of groups to appease.

On the very big, very necessary other hand, I am all for positive role models for consumers. And not just children, either. Enough people read comics of all ages now that I think it’s fair to say that many would benefit from this positive portrayal of a…non-binary-gendered hero (I’m still hesitant to accept transgender, much less intersex). Even without the supposed additional story here as brought up by Gay Star News, the backstory behind a characte trying to break into a masculine role is certainly a good one (and has been used before, quite successfully, in several instances).

I suppose comics are just a strange world to me, still. A world driven by a few very large and several small groups of creators. The world of (super)hero comics is even stranger to me, as a non-reader. Discussing it with a friend over lunch today, we found ourselves talking about the essential Nietzsche-ism of the genre, where it’s “okay to be strong, and it’s okay to solve problems by punching people, so long as they’re the right people.” I guess I should stick with being glad about this. Visibility - good visibility - can certainly be helpful!