This is a neat little interview, really. There’s a couple of points that echo some things I’ve said before here, but written much more clearly.

Gender roles are a very tricky thing for anyone who is transgender, whether they are pre or post transition. I was watching some videos online made by a female to male transsexual, and he summed it up beautifully. He said that even though transgender/transsexual individuals rely so heavily on gender roles, (e.g. wanting to be seen as male, so they find themselves playing on general male/female stereotypes found in their society. Such as abstaining from all things society considers female, and taking on those that society sees as male) a great many of us would want nothing more than to see these stereotypes completely abolished. To simply be able to be seen as ourselves, just human, would save us a great deal of pain and stress.

There’s a lot more that I could write about this, but I’ll pull something together another time; I reeeally should be working right now, instead of words words words, but I’ll kind of point to this again in the meantime :o)