I work with a lot of data - like really, a lot - both as a job and for funsies, and the whole infographic thing really kinda irked me when it started working its way into common parlance. I don’t really like the portmanteau, in the first place, but I always got the impression that infographics were data visualizations dumbed-down for media consumers. The thing that really changed my mind on their usefulness, however, was seeing them as a poster in school (I think it was a donut chart showing duration of art shows on campus, with some quips in the middle). Once I started to think of them that way, and stopped really thinking of them as bad charts online, they suddenly made a whole lot more sense. Posters, as a rule, are not meant to be whole stories, like data vis can be, but simple scenes, a glimpse of something meant to sway, inform, or even just delight.

I really like these a lot, in that respect. They don’t need to tell the whole story of using ‘transi*’, demographics, trans youth, gendered language, and all that in one huge story, they can simply tell little scenes of it at a time, and sometimes that’s all that’s needed to slowly change a culture, even if it’s in one small area, like a school or college campus. Some of the design isn’t to my taste, but I could easily see these all over my alma mater.

Cheers to the creators :o)