More and more links, less and less bandwidth. Most of that is because I’m writing in earnest about other things again, and that feels really good! The downside is that I just can’t bring myself to write a thousand words about some thousand-word article I found anymore. I do still find all of this stuff interesting, though, so I’ll pass it on.


This is a category that I fear will never be empty! Hooray! Go games!

You really did it.

For serious, though, there’s been a steady stream of news coming in on the gaming front with regards to gender and sexuality, and I am happy to say that the tide is turning toward the positive, however slowly. I only started really reading about this sort of stuff maybe a year ago and I still don’t really play any games, but still, I like to watch!


The SFWA recently went through a kerfuffle regarding their newsletter featuring a boys-club-esque article written by a couple of old white dudes. It’s worth collecting a few links if only for the first, which brings up good points that stand even outside of the subculture of SF/F writers.