I keep running across words that are disallowed by autocorrect on Android 4.2.2 using swiping on Android Keyboard (AOSP). They’re not censored, as you can type them by hand, but they will never autocorrect. I’m not really sure of the reason, perhaps it has to do with trying to prevent users from autocorrecting themselves into trouble? Some of them are pretty out there, though, and honestly, there has to be better UX around that (say, having a list of words that never autocorrects to that word by default, but is still on the list of selectable words).

Curse words

Pretty standard list of dirty words (their variants are usually blocked, too).

  • fuck
  • shit
  • cunt
  • ass
  • butt
  • piss
  • cock
  • tits

Non curse words

This is where it gets a little weird. I suppose I can understand not wanting to accidentally text ‘penis’ to a family member, but some of these are a little…out there.

  • suck
  • sex
  • sexuality
  • penis
  • vagina
  • clitoris
  • menstrual
  • menstruation
  • erection
  • semen
  • coitus
  • anal
  • rape (‽)
  • orgasm
  • circumcised
  • nipple
  • vibrator
  • rectum
  • genitalia

Words Android will type

These are some words Android will type that are a little weird given the above list.

  • asexuality
  • prepuce
  • cervix
  • vulva
  • foreskin
  • womb
  • prostate
  • oral
  • condom
  • pussy

It all kind of makes me wonder what goes into making these blacklists of words. What was going through the mind of someone who decided that ‘rape’ was never a word that someone should want to type when swiping? What about ‘menstrual’? And ‘coitus’? I can’t even remember the last time I used that for anything other than discussing “the standard post-coitus cigarette”, and then only as a joke. Sigh.