Kind of accidentally told a whole bunch of people. I seem to go through this honesty streak every now and then, and it’s been hitting really hard recently. Two AMAs on Reddit, sharing a few other things with people, and now this…

Makyo buries its head in pillows so that the rest of it twitches instead because god damnit can’t even type >:/

Polaroid looks up at TIGR, too! He just happens to be standing right in front of him. ;3

Duelist growls quietly, “Hey Makyo, now this is just completely ‘out there’, but is this like a nervous energy kinda thing?”

You yerf, “Nervous tic, but definitely a full-blown tic. Something is misfiring as a result of an inappropriate physical reaction to anxiety.”

Makyo, fingers crossed, used to have excruciating acid reflux, which faded right as this began.

Duelist growls quietly, “OK, so here is where it gets ‘out there’. Nervous requires energy….if one was to wear oneself out, so to speak….”

Duelist eh, “You know.”

Sturgis arrives from the foyer.

Sturgis grunts.

Puc deidles with a grunt.

JanusFox yips, “What Duelist is saying is that you should have lots of sex with him.”

Duelist growls quietly, “Well, anything strenuous >;)”

Makyo giggles and noses Duelist, “Wearing myself out helps, though I’m going to go with running and walking. Libido is currently hovering between 0-5%. There’s a chance that that is a factor, but I would’ve expected presentation when libido hit that point a few months back.”

You yerf, “But yes, exercise helps, but a lot of it is due to getting in a flow state while running.”

Duelist growls quietly, “Yeah, it sounds like your hormones are out of whack….”

Duelist growls quietly, “And that is an uneducated ‘opinion’”

JanusFox has whormones.

You yerf, “Yes, they are. Testosterone is basically at 0.”

Duelist growls quietly, “Have you considered test therapy?”

Polaroid pounces JanusFox’s whoremones.

JanusFox acks and spills them all over the floor.

You yerf, “I’m currently on medroxyprogesterone acetate and cyproterone acetate to maintain that 0 state, actually. Therapy would be simply…stopping. That’s scheduled for december. If this lasts past September, I will stop early :o)”

Duelist ohs…

Makyo a bit of a messed up fox :/

Duelist scritches his head.

Makyo: chemically castrated. AMA? :oP

Polaroid scratches his head. “According to the AMA, yes.”

Duelist growls quietly, “Ohhhhhhh.”

Polaroid yips, “In males, MPA has been used to control inappropriate sexual behavior to chemically castrate convicted sex offenders.[10]“

Duelist hms. AMA, eh?

You yerf, “Sure.”

Duelist growls quietly, “What’s up with that?”

Kawper goes home.

Kawper has left.

JanusFox is just o.o

You yerf, “There are three primary reasons. First: JD and I are in it together, because it’s something JD has done before and I always dismissed. Second: it’s one of those slightly self-destructive things that I like to write about. Third: it was a test to see if all of the problems I had with gender just had to do with being a sexual person.”

Duelist growls quietly, “Well….”

Duelist growls quietly, “Hormones are weird things.”

You yerf, “True ^^”

Duelist growls quietly, “Affect different people in different ways.”

Makyo apologizes. Is for oversharing, apparently :/

Duelist growls quietly, “I dunno, doesn’t seem like anything to apologize for.”

Polaroid shrugs. Singe coils into a ball.

FoxLord scoots. gunna lay down

FoxLord has disconnected.

Duelist growls quietly, “Is there any correlation between lack of test and your anxiety?”

Duelist knows low test can cause pretty fierce anxiety

JanusFox yips, “So can high test.”

You yerf, “It’s possible, for sure. But to be honest, the mental and emotional perception of anxiety is no different now than before I started clonazepam in February. If it has increased my presentation in the physical arena, then I will stop come october if this presentation isn’t gone.”

Duelist growls quietly, “If/when you stop, I will be very curious as to your rebound.”

Duelist growls quietly, “Cuz I imagine you’re gonna be a beast for a few weeks! >;)”

Polaroid chuckles n grins.

MegaWolf nose Makyo

You yerf, “Definitely! Particularly as hormones tend to rebound and oscillate, rather than have a smooth gradient to the new level. I went straight to zero for a while, then up to, say, 10%, and have leveled out to a point where I can look at porn and say, “That’s hot”, and still remain basically neutral.”

Polaroid tickle MegaWolf parts.

Zhorah would like to be nonsexual :/

MegaWolf yip

Makyo noselick Megawoof.

Polaroid doesn’t mind his sexuality.

JanusFox would get so much more done without porn.

MegaWolf growls softly, “Everyone I know in real life seems to think I’m completely asexual”

MegaWolf growls softly, “It amuses me to no end.”

Makyo nod at Zhorah.

Polaroid yips, “Because they don’t know you here. :3″

Duelist has high test. Walking hornball. 40 years old, feelin’ like a teenager.

Zhorah wouldn’t mind not having to think about never getting ay

MegaWolf growls softly, “A lot of people I know here think the same thing”

You yerf, “It’s a little illegal, but oh well, what Man would go about and do this to themselves?”

Duelist wells, 39.

Polaroid yips, “You do a pretty good job of seeming to keep it in check, D. :3″

Duelist growls quietly, “Is it illegal?”

MegaWolf growls softly, “TIGR Stud”

You yerf, “I order the Depo Provera from New Zealand and the Androcur from somewhere in China”

Polaroid yips, “Either that or I’m not trying enough!”

Duelist growls quietly, “As crude as this may sound, I was under the impression taht anything that made one less masculine was ok and anything that mad you more masculine was jailable.”

Duelist growls quietly, “At least in this country.”

MegaWolf growls softly, “Well as long as you’re not going on the Tour de Frencholes.”

Somewhere on the muck, Floid has disconnected.

MegaWolf paw Polaroid, squeeze Makyo

Polaroid growl softly. :>

You yerf, “It is controlled, mostly because I can get the depo for $6 a shot instead of $200 a shot :oP”

MegaWolf oddly dizzy and lightheaded for some reason. Hmm.

Duelist growls quietly, “Or course, now all the 60+ year olds are popping viagra and smearing andro-gel all over themselves in a desperate attempt to stop aging….”