I found this digging through boxes for stuff to throw out. Kept it on a whim, at least long enough to type up.

Cleaning Woman

I'd clean for him
    I would
Cleaning, I'd hope
    for a little
        something back.
I told him
I told him once
Telling, I'd hoped
    for something
        to fill me.
But I cleaned for him
    as he'd asked,
        my husband.
And here I am
and nothing's changed.

Free-write poem

This was also labeled “free ponies :) :) :)” and I only vaguely remember why.

The eroticism of oranges
    How seductive,
Freakshows pondering
    A murder weapon.

Secret clementine
    Tells of a third, dense.
The first in somnambulant arms
    Of the second, citrus fancier.

Live as normal,
Death by paper.

Ode to Turn Signals

A steady white lights
    Stops, none goes;
Though on blinking happy off
    Turns, informing.

Click flashing click
    By turning on grants
And behind, those praising
    Seeing, now know.

So up or to down leftright
Click, push and becomes.

Syntax poem

Every time I fall,
The ground tells me I'm in love.
Be he the tamed?
No, family sheep?
Spades, four,
And one white, domesticated,
Was my favorite.

He who could, he had
Need in friends,
Your better cream!
Ice, you love got
    All need.
And 'cause love is
    All low.
And love is

Dialog poem

I love this song.
    What are you saying?
    You hate it.
    Any sense of melody is lost
    In chords
    Obscured by the weight of Tone.
    Harmony rules itself out.
Think of the meaning, not just the music.
    The words are in Spanish.
Does that matter?
    Spanish words in chords so thick,
    You have to peer through the fog of harmony for the light of melody.
    And on top,
    Cheap sound effects.
I suppose I don't listen to it much.
That's why I like it.
    I suppose you don't listen to it much.
    That's why you hate it.