I. Borne through air, Close my eyes. Wind ruffles hair Soul sighs, Heart flies; I’m the wind. I flow east: Over the plains, Over land creased. Current refrains, Cloud stains As I build. Trees bow at my Will To move drives me Onward I push through Mountains Do nothing but Divert The rain as I Flow. II. Borne through air - Rise up high - Driven there, Earth nigh, I sigh; I’m the wind. I flow west: Past the lakes, Water my guest; Thunder makes Noise, wakes, As I storm. Sand flies at my Force Builds as I Push Across the Land Flows beneath my Self Means nothing to Wind. III. Borne through air, Through the night And dawn fair. No fight, Only flight; I’m the wind. I flow south On the ocean, On delta’s mouth My motion Just notion As I breathe. Waves break as I Drive Past the thin Sands Lift themselves to my Body Waxes as I Press Through the stillness of Night. IV. Borne through air, Around the world And forests I tear; Ferns furled, Trees burled; I am the wind. I flow north, Across the ice; I roll forth Past spice – So nice – As I change. Men bask as I Warm Drops of rain Fall Colored leaves Shiver Because of the Chill Wind blows on Past.