Works of Fiction


General fiction

Standalone works of fiction are posted here in reverse chronological order.

Après un rêve

January, 2017 Rated: PG

A young woman reluctantly goes through with the uploading procedure, risky though it is, to reconnect with her lover.


January, 2017 Rated: PG

Qoheleth is the story behind and the goal of an Alternate Reality Game, or ARG, which took place in January, 2017, as part of Post-Self. As the readers worked through the ARG, more parts of the story were revealed, until all five were together. The full story is placed here, and further information about the game itself is included as an introduction.

Gallery Exhibition: A Love Story

December, 2016 Rated: PG

A twine game taking place within the Post-Self universe. Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled holds a gallery exhibition of its works as an instance artist.


December, 2016 Rated: PG

A short piece written for Post-Self. Ioan Balan is a historian and blogger assigned to research a flash-cult. Things go sideways, and he's left with more story than expected.

Milkshakes and Foxes

October, 2015 Rated: G

Two foxes share a milkshake, much to the chagrin of their server.

Published in the Further Confusion 2016 con book.


August, 2015 Rated: PG-13

Rife with poetry and flower language, letters between two friends show their budding relationship.