I’ve been writing for years now. I still have some stuff from high school that I rather like. The style and technique needs work, obviously — that was thirteen years ago! — but I still think it’s worth something.

Lately, I’ve been trying to ramp up the role that writing plays in my life. It’s a load of fun, but it’s also something I care deeply about. I’ve been doing this by, obviously, writing more, but also by editing and publishing works by others.

It’s something I love doing regardless of compensation, but it’s also something that I’d like to make a bigger part of my life. I have a stable job, but I also want to get into doing more work around writing, and to do so, it would be super helpful to get a bit of help from those who enjoy my writing!

I have a few mechanisms for support:

  • Patreon — Patreon is a site that allows a patronage model for funding creators. In this incarnation, I have a few tiers: $1 patrons get access to posts; $5 patrons get early content; and $10 patrons get drafts, previews, and so on. Any level of support is appreciated!
  • Liberapay — Liberapay is a successor to Gratipay and works on a patronage/recurring donation scheme, but lacks the functionality of sharing creations that Patreon has.
  • Ko-fi — Ko-fi is another tipping site, and is nicely integrated with PayPal. It’s also got a bit of a friendlier interface than Gratipay, one that folks are more used to.
  • itch.io — Some of my pieces such as interactive fiction and more structured works will wind up here.

If you’re interested in supporting my writing work (and development work, if that’s your bag!), I will be eternally grateful!